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About me and my business… a bit of personal history

This e-commerce website is the virtual storefront for my business which consists of designing, manufacturing and marketing silver jewelry and fine silver beads and findings, which are skillfully crafted by tribal artisans in northern Thailand.


Each year I design two new jewelry collections for the European fashion seasons of fall/winter and spring/summer. My bead collection does not follow this pattern, as it is in a continuous state of evolution, which is the result of my close collaboration with the tribal silversmiths who visit me in my workshop in Chiang Mai on a weekly basis in order to discuss the new designs that they hand-craft for me.


Together we have come a long way, as I have been working with the same Hill Tribe families since the start of my business in the mid-nineties. Back then, their remote dusty village was not connected to the power, water and phone grids. In those early days, a few lucky ones possessed a battery-powered radio and a beat-up scooter. These days, they own satellite TVs, DVD players, mobile phones and air-conditioned 4WD pick-ups. Globalization has reached far into the jungles of South-East Asia…


My long-term collaboration with the Hill Tribe artisans has always been based on principles of fair trade, long before it became a buzz word in today s global market. In my business dealings, as in life, I have always believed in treating people the way I would like to be treated, with fairness, honesty and respect. The fact that the same people work for me since the early days of my business is a testimony to this.


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